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How does it work?

The public sector is strapped for capacity now more than ever. Vibrant communities rely on community partnerships to leverage resources and fulfill local need. But how do local agencies know what other resources are out there to serve the community?

Our platform catalogues employment, training, and supportive service providers across regions to pinpoint untapped resources for people in need. Its search features and reports allow areas to easily link individuals to relevant services and craft robust service delivery networks across multiple organizations.

About Services Navigator

Services Navigator allows you to search for employment, training, and supportive service providers to help you find untapped resources in your community. The Services Navigator project is brought to you by Public Consulting Group and powered by Impact Effect.

About Public Consulting Group

Public Consulting Group (PCG) collaborates with social service agencies and Workforce Development Boards to increase their comfort with and use of data to drive their strategic and operational directions. PCG’s proven asset mapping process allows public sector agencies to identify opportunities for greater alignment and resource leveraging. We define, identify, research, and catalogue a region’s assets into this user-friendly, online inventory for use by staff and partners across a region. Assets are then aligned in relation to economic development strategies, regional transportation opportunities, and demographic trends. Individuals leverage the platform to navigate customers to appropriate services, while leadership implements the data-driven, strategic recommendations to plan the next generation of their public systems.

About Impact Effect

Impact Effect system uses a centralized data platform to match funding to organizations and projects, facilitate collaboration across sectors, and allow participants to measure and report on their collective impact. The Impact Effect platform is designed to support ongoing development that’s both flexible and scalable, to meet the needs of participants, as well as our technology partners. Our data services allow us to gather, store and sort information from third-party sources, as well as data provided by organizations, funders and individuals across sectors.